Skin III The Final Incision

August 29, 2021 01:25:29
Skin III The Final Incision
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Skin III The Final Incision

Aug 29 2021 | 01:25:29


Show Notes

Skin III The Final Incision; audio thriller starring Samantha Boffin, nominated for best actress in a Radio Drama at the 2020 One Voice Conference. It’s been nine years since vegan serial killer Vivian Shorewood skinned the first of her twenty-eight victims. She receives a call from Oakleaf Nursing Home, in Wollaton, Nottingham, where her mother, 84-year-old Hilary, has taken a turn for the worse. Hilary’s Care Worker intimates to Vivian that maybe she should pay her mother a visit, sooner rather than later. What Vivian doesn’t know is that Hilary has both something to tell her daughter, something she has kept a secret her entire life, and to ask of her one last request.

Samantha Boffin (Vivian) was nominated for a 2020 One Voice Award for ‘Best Actress in a Radio Drama’ for SKIN.

“Samantha Boffin as Vivian Shorewood is stupendous. In non stop dialogue she offers up just the right balance of maniacal with sensible intellect. A well researched and written gory tale which holds your attention.”

BroadwaytoVegas review of SKIN

Skin III The Final Incision Audio Thriller

Written, Directed & Produced by Simon James Collier

Music & Soundscape Design: Zachary Elliott-Hatton

Co Producer: Adam Dechanel

Recorded at The Umbrella Rooms Studio, London – January 2019

Engineer: Ben Robbins

Samantha Boffin as Vivian Shorewood
Maggie Turner as Hilary Shorewood
Kimberley Ensor as Doreen

Graphic Design: Clockwork Digital Studios

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