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Audio horror and thriller plays from the award winning Wireless Theatre Company. Visit wirelesstheatrecompany.co.uk for more award winning audio dramas, and look out for the Wireless Theatre Binaural Audio Drama podcast for truly terrifying horror.

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Latest Episodes…

  1. Medusa on the Beach

    A perfectly ordinary, past-its-best English seaside town. Except why has everyone there been turned to stone? Two seriously out-of-their-depth police officers uncover the strange tale of what happened when middle-aged and romantically disappointed hairdresser Marjorie Briggs found something in a polythene bag on the beach that didn’t belong there, something ...


  2. Lohengrin Retold

    What is Brabant’s dark secret? A man arrives in the city of Cardiff, haunted by his past – he tells the chilling story of the deeds of Count Telramund and his sorceress wife, Ortrud. Few have survived the events that have befallen the people. But has the story ended, or ...


  3. The Grimm of Stottesden Hall

    Gothic Horror Radio Play Based on the works of Edgar Allen Poe, The Grimm of Stottesden Hall was recorded in front of a terrified live audience on the 7th May 2009. Come with us as we take you on a journey of madness, terror and gruesome, GRUESOME MURDER! The decaying ...


  4. Dream On

    Dream on. Robert is having a dream. Breakfast with his wife. His ex-wife. His dead ex-wife. The next night, there she is again, hauntingly familiar in the full personification of her monstrous personality. His current wife is unamused at his nocturnal flirtation with the dead past and as dreams and ...


  5. Crooker's Kingdom, Part Two

    Sir Richard Arkwright has brought modernity to a remote corner of Derbyshire with the creation of Cromford Mill. Now, as his crowning glory, he’s going to build himself a castle – but first a strange outcrop of rocks will have to be removed. Locals warn Arkwright of a local legend ...