Wireless Theatre Horror and Thrillers

Night of the Orchid

Wireless Theatre Horror and Thrillers
Night of the Orchid

Madeleine Loughran has fled her wedding, seeking shelter with her beloved Great Aunt at her house in the snowbound Scottish countryside. In the house’s ruined glasshouse, the blossoming of a single living flower is the first sign of a passion that will strip bare the secret history of a house and its inhabitants. A contemporary Gothic drama of desire and death, and of love and vengeance beyond the grave.

Written by: Marty Ross

Starring: Rebecca Hamilton, Lesley Stone, Valerie Gogan, Peter Hannah and Kevin Devine

Directed by: Paul Blinkhorn

Engineered by Carlos Ziccarelli and Rohan Onraet and recorded at the Unity Studios, London.

Editing and Sound by: Malcolm Thorp and Aaron May

Original Music: Isabel Herschmann

Broadcasting Assistant: Ruth James

Assistant Producer: Paul Blinkhorn

Produced by: Jack Bowman and Robert Valentine

Running time: 1 hr 50 minutes

Image: Peter Merholz

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